Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph as a source of all organizational principles.


An Ontology is a formal description of a domain by identifying groups or classes which describes a domain of knowledge along with relationships between concepts. These classes form the foundation of product organization for E-commerce organization. The Ontology plays an important role because it is generated not just data architecture, but also a search catalog, knowledge architecture, metadata schemas and even the structure of organizations in a company. For a modern E-commerce site, it is the source of all organizing principles. The best way to set up appropriate categories in taxonomy is by having a good understanding of what is important to a customer. Developing the correct taxonomies and knowledge and information architecture also depends on understanding the lifecycle of their purchase behaviors.


eCommerce Taxonomy is a critical infrastructure component for any online retail business. eCommerce Taxonomy organizes your product catalog in a way that makes it easier for buyers to find what they are looking for and to get the correct information on each product so a buying decision can be made.

Catalog Clean Up

Catalog cleanup. We have experience in cleaning up different catalogs. Usual issues with a catalog in a range from simple cases like just incorrect attribute (for example color red instead of green) to really subjective cases when different people choose various attribute's value (mid-size or small, red or dark red, etc). We analyze which attribute value is the most compatible for each product and make the catalog more logical and customer oriented.

Automatic Attribute Recognition

Attribution of the product is one among the major issues of Catalog quality and as a result quality of search. If attributes created by completely different merchandisers it can extremely mess up Catalog. Automatic attribution could be a solution to make unified attributes.

Products Onboarding