AI for eCommerce

Artificial intelligence as a new source of business. Let e-commerce search engines to think the way humans do.

Visual Search

This service has a large number of business applications that will attract new customers for you. For example, finding your products in users' photos or videos to show them a specific product on your website, finding photos of users with your product so that people can see how it is used in life and etc..

Product Finder

If your visual service is limited to a specific category, then in order to increase accuracy, you should use a completely different approach that identifies unique attributes in order to choose a specific product with confidence. We have developed such service for identifying screws and fasteners for big online retailer. The same approach could be moved to different domains.

Product Recommendation

Often when people choose a particular product, they want to look similar by certain criteria, rather than returning to the original result with a large number of products. We will help you choose the best criteria that will satisfy your customers.

Style Recommendation

The interesting thing about this service is that with the help of one model several services can be created.

Image & Video processing

Voice API


Labeled Data for your needs